Welcome to Mi.dne.to.

The company Mi.dne.to was founded by Haniotakis Manolis, who was born in Heraklion, Crete and for the last 20 years has lived in the area of ​​Knossos, 100 meters from the palace of the same name, whose history was the source of his inspiration.

Wanting to pay tribute to the history of his place and region, he was inspired and designed the geometric design that resembles a labyrinth, a trademark of our house.

The name midneto comes from the myth of Ariadne. Our goal is to emphasize the myth of the same name that wants the daughter of King Minos Ariadne,

to save Aegeas, son of the king of Athens, from certain death, to give him a skein of thread (the famous thread of Ariadne) for the sake of which he was able to find a way out of the labyrinth and escape from the minotaur.

The history of our place is evident in the designs and patterns used by the company, both in its jacquard fabric and in its straps and on its bags where it uses figures.

The names of all our models are inspired by the Minoan era, wanting to keep alive the history of our place in this way.

With unlimited love and respect for the history of our place and with the best materials on the market, we make products for you that are timeless and of high quality.

Midneto, Luxury Bags and accessories

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